What is it?

How does it work

Venture on Board facilitates the link between boat owners or managers and interested guests to share a unique experience in a way that is safe, reliable and easy. Listing of every type of boat or offered service or experience, can be found. Communication between the two parties are open and direct. Payments are managed on a secure and trusted platform giving a piece of mind from the very start of your adventure.

  • Go on a trip and sleep anywhere in the world in a unique and alternative way
  • Owners earn money in a way they can maintain their boat
  • Creates employment opportunities by taking on the role of Vob Manager
  • Maintaining the boat always in use and ready to board.
  • Free minds sharing passions, listing new experiences and really living them.

How does it work

Reply to the guest inquiry and accept their reservation request

Simple, fast and guaranteed!

  1. Boat owners or ‘Vob Managers’ list their available boats, services or experiences they offer.
  2. The visitors reserve on-line and are in contact with the Vob Managers to confirm details.
  3. The guests are welcomed at check-in and will begin to enjoy their stay, passing on their experience through social networks..
  4. At check-out the payment is made securely and immediately to the Vob Manager, guaranteeing also the quality of the service to the client.

Fast and guaranteed

Making your guests happy, giving a real Welcome on Board starts now!

Possibilities are endless!

  • Charter with or without skipper
  • Reservations on a Boat&Breakfast
  • Reservations on a Yacht Hotel
  • Purchase tickets for excursions, events, or special experiences of all types Customized planning
  • Management of the maintenance either ordinary or extraordinary
/Endless possibilities
Make your reservation… now!