1. List your Idea and Personalize your Advertisement


  • Highlight your ideas, bring to the forefront what you have to offer
  • Publish your boat and the types of services you would like to offer, each listing is personalized on your offerings in just a few free and easy steps.
  • List whether you own a boat or a yacht, whether you prefer it be kept docked or rather it be taken out, whether you trust others to navigate it or want to be the captain, the possibilities are endless.
Our easy guide will help you through the listing..and then make it your own.

Tip: creative words make the difference!

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2. Reply to the guest inquiry and Accept their reservation request

Answer the phone


  • Check your calendar
  • Verify you are able to fulfill the requests of your future guest
  • Answer their questions and remember that being clear and courteous is the first step to winning a future client

Accept their reservation request and make them feel they have already started their memorable Venture on Board

3. Making your guests happy, giving a real Welcome on Board starts now!

Making guests happySPLIT THE DIFFERENCE!

  • Make this moment unique and special, one they will never forget!
  • Let them on board the boat with the most open, clean and sincere warm welcome of all the seas.
  • Make certain that the catwalk to the boat is easy and accessible, give useful and necessary instruction to quickly get their sea legs
  • Thoroughly explain the services on board and in the marina if needed as well as all important details of their embarkation
  • Keep the feeling cheerful and relaxed
  • Take in the rewarding feeling you will realize with the smile of your guests

4. Additional Services

Extra Ideas


  • Is it that time to do maintenance, ordinary or extraordinary?

It is now easier than ever to find the experts who will make your most prized possession ready to embark.

  • Do you have a special skill such as a boat mechanic, carpenter or sailmaker?

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  • Looking for the perfect Vob Manager to take care of all of the details?

Connect your needs to the services offered by professionals

  • Are you a broker or a service coordinator for a Mega Yacht or multiple boats?

Publish your contact information and witness the inquiries come in!