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Sharing Economy is defined by the TIME Magazine as ’one of the ten ideas that will change the world’. The Economist claims it as a trend with immense potential and Forbes definites it as an explosive economic force. The extensive growth of the the sharing boat market and its management over the next 3 years will significantly impact the job opportunities and newly created positions.


Are you a passionate about the sea, love the lakes and adore the rivers? Your life can change for the better with Venture on Board.


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Vob Manager

We are looking for people with or without nautical experience, but with enthusiasm and the desire to learn. The role comprises of finding boat owners willing to share their boat, manage the advertisements, prepare what is necessary for the check-in on board, and provide a unique and pleasurable experience to your guests. It is a type of business management position that allows you to work independently receiving both personal and financial satisfaction.
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Network Key Account

Do you have experience in sales and enjoy challenges? We are looking for networking professionals who are motivated and want to conquer the world!
Venture on Board is planting its roots and looking to expand dramatically in the near future., expecting to cover 17 thousand marinas around the world. Take the opportunity to join in at the early stages and grow with us. Venture on Board is ready to bring you on board.
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VOB experience


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