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Explore new places and choose between our many many ideas…

  • Sleep on a boat as you would in a hotel
  • choose your preferred private charter
  • organize your special vacation and enjoy a nautical event

Reservations for an overnight stay like in an exclusive hotel
Traveling for pleasure or for work? Make your overnight stay in a boat and make your travels unique
Take your vacation with your family or new friends you will meet on board
Love for the sea and for an adventure? Find your vacations with or without a skipper and enjoy what nature has to offer
Be your own captain of the seas, you can and rent a boat to go fishing, for example
Passionate to go around in a boat?
Choose from a Mega Yact to an inflatable boat, Venture on Board and you are free to command your journey!
Let to be taken away by the experts of the seas for a special moment or event such as a party boat or peaceful view of the sunset
Are you looking for something…. unique?
Participate in an event or a special excursion on board taking you in the middle of the action
Customized travels for Mega Yachts
Highest attention made to every detail to meet your special needs, needing a helicopter with a helipad for your travels? Champagne or Caviar?
Hosting a special event? Making your wishes come true!

How does it work VOB

Chose the date and make your reservation

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Click directly on a Yacht Hotel or a Boat and start your new adventure!

  • Enter in the dates or where you would like to travel
  • You will be put in contact with the Vob Manager
  • Payment is make easily and secure, thanks to Venture on Board trusted platform.


Let the excitement take you away

Venture on board

The world seen from over water will make your days special and unforgettable!

Now that you have made your reservations:

  • An email will be sent confirming the details of your reservations
  • It is recommended to finalize the details with the Vob Manager on your meeting point, time and place
  • The Vob Manager will be your point of reference any questions or concerns during your stay
  • Enjoy your travels to the fullest and check-out thinking of the next adventure
  • Share your experience of the travels, boat and Vob Manager with your friends
  • Share your Leave your thoughts with us. The quality of life is better for everyone thanks to your feedback!
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